The Hunt

  You love your work. Now, that’s not something commonly heard, but you love travelling and you love stories. So naturally being a journalist is the best thing that could have happened to you. Some days and some long nights would join hands with your stomach to raise mutiny while your empty purse remained silent. […]

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இருளில் தீப்பொறி

இருளில் மலர்ந்து இருளில் முடியும் இத்தீப்பொறி வாழ்வில் தீதும் நன்றும் வேற்றுமை உண்டோ? வெறுமை ஒன்றே வாழ்வின் பொருளோ? அமுதும் நஞ்சும் ஒன்றென அறிந்தால் அதை பருகுதல் நன்றோ? பகிர்தலும் நன்றோ? ஜனித்த நொடி முதல், மரணம் ஒன்றே வாழ்வின் நிலையோ? இதை அறிந்தும் வாழ்வதே வாழ்வின் கலையோ? எப்பொருள் யார் யார் வாய் கேட்பின் அப்பொருள் அவர்க்கு மட்டுமே பொருந்தும் அன்றோ? என் மெய் உன்- (மை)மெய் என்று கொள்ளல் ஆகுமோ? விண்மீன் எண்ண எண்ணும் […]

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Behind the dead ivy curtain…

Beneath the deep blue sea, Beyond the jutting mountains, Above the paper white clouds, Behind the dead ivy curtains, We wait on the other side. In front of your mindless gaze, Hiding in plain sight. Unseen, amidst your never ending race.   There is no meaning There is no reason. There is no before Nor […]

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What’s your choice?

Let us do a thought experiment. There is a child. He is given a choice to eat ice-creams how much ever he wants and for as long as he wants. But there is catch. He has to choose a flavour and that is the only flavour he can have for his life. But he can […]

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Are we Gods, without Gods within?

When beams of light can form an interference to create a real looking phenomenon called a hologram, why can’t our minds form a physical world based on the projection of our minds forming an interference with a million other projections? Each beam of mind’s projection solidifying the world a little bit more?  Would the world […]

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Out of probability, I came across a post in Facebook. It was among a million posts in the wall, and for some reason, (like how Arjuna apparently saw the eye of the parrot in the banyan tree across the lake and nothing else) only this one caught my attention that day. It was the post […]